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Interviews and Discussions

XB+ Podcast

The podcast dives deep into the fundamental connection between precious metal and decentralised blockchain technology with feature speakers from across the globe who lead in bullion, blockchain and finance industries.

Crack up boom, Gold and Hyperinflation

XB+ Podcast Ep.2

Florian Grummes of Midas Touch sits down with us to discuss a mid to long term outlook on gold, the risks in the market for precious metals investors, the broader macroeconomic outlook and a walk through of what a 'Crack up boom' would look like.

Precious metals, Crypto, and Hedging Risk.

XB+ Podcast Ep.1

Hercules Tsoutsas, Managing Director of Jaggards - one of Australia's oldest precious metals merchants - discusses the history of precious metals, risk management in the context of global events and how consumer appetites have changed around physical bullion.