Our Mission

To provide a global settlement layer for physical gold and enabling users access to the largest physical marketplaces in the world, without ongoing custody fees.

Our Values

We work with some of the world's most reputable suppliers, auditors, accountants and compliance professionals to provide security, trust and peace of mind.
We enable participant access to the  largest trading desks of physical LBMA accredited  bullion without additional spreads
or ongoing custody fees.
Our audits and ledger are available for public viewing.
Open, honest, two-way communication is what motivates us to constantly improve, innovate and strengthens the relationships with our partners and our users.
We strive to develop and maintain best in class systems and partner with reputable service providers and suppliers allowing users to buy, store and transfer gold as quickly and easily as sending an email.

Our Team

Adam Switzer
Oxford University prize-winning technologist and product manager with 20 years international experience. Engaged in leading the delivery of world-class analytical and trading technology platforms.
Hercules Tsoutsas
 A founding partner of xBullion & Managing director of Jaggards, one of Australia’s oldest precious metals merchants. Background in product management and marketing. 
Kinsey Cotton
Cofounder and director of Tibra Capital & Director of YMF Investments. 
Highly experienced director and advisor across trading and financial industries
Erin Moore
Professional leader with over
12 years experience in management and customer service. Passionate in driving results, working in dynamic businesses, coaching and collaborating with teams to create structure, coordination and efficiency across the business.
Taylor Hackwood
Sound money enthusiast with over 10 years of technology support experience. Building from this rapport skill set, now working to develop business relationships and integrate technology solutions.
Gabrielle Wehr
Specializing in dual Electrical and Computer majors of Engineering. Experienced coder across a broad range of programming languages and applying these skills to various technical and research contexts.
Krystal Sharwood
Digital media specialist and successful e-commerce entrepreneur with a passion for marketing and over 10 years experience in design, digital media, content creation, and business management.