Your Bullion.
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Simply, we are Gold and Silver with Online Convenience and Blockchain Security.

24/7/365 accessibility of blockchain settlement for international precious metals investors.

xBullion is a highly secure and efficient way to directly access LBMA quality bullion; with connections into the largest physical bullion marketplaces in the world.

“If you don't own Gold you know neither history nor economics.”

- Ray Dalio

Your Gold & Silver

Direct Ownership of investment-grade bullion
secured using blockchain ledger accounting.

xBullion GOLD:
Every GOLD token is secured by 1 gram of 9999/LBMA physical gold which is directly owned by the token holder.
Gold Allocation Lookup
Use this tool to lookup the serial number and information about your gold.
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xBullion SILV:
Every SILV token is secured by 1 gram of 999/LBMA physical silver which is directly owned by the token holder.
  1. 100% - Bullion Backed
  2. 100% - Insured
  3. 100% - Vaulted
  4. 100% - Audited
  5. 100% - Blockchain Secured
  6. 100% - Redeemable for Full Cash Value
  7. Geo-Dispersed & Geo-Relocatable
  8. Monitored 24/7/365
  9. Accessible 24/7/365

“Money is gold, and nothing else.”

- J.P. Morgan

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Our Exchanges
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“Gold has been empirically proven to serve as an inflation hedge”

- Bank of International Settlements


buying, holding, redeeming

We back all our tokens 1:1 with real bullion.

New tokens are only minted to the blockchain upon successful purchase and deposit of bullion in secure vaults.

Registered users can purchase new tokens at any time through our partners, with wholesale pricing and deep liquidity.

“Fiat money will be a passing fad in the long-term history of money.”

- Jim Reid


our ecosystem

"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world"

- Henry Kissinger

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Smart Contract Audit

This document outlines the overall security of the ​xBullion smart contracts as evaluated by Zokyo’s Smart Contract Auditing team.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all questions you have and boost your knowledge so you can save, invest and spend smarter.
What is xBullion?

xBullion specialises in blockchain and tokenization, bringing the 24/7/365 accessibility of blockchain to the broad international base of precious metals and other stable asset investors. Through the application of blockchain for asset management xbullion is able to provide partners with direct wholesale pricing for LMBA quality bullion, secure storage without a management fee and the ability to transfer ownership near instantly.

xBullion's token tracker and tickers are "GOLD" and "SILV".

Why does xBullion use Exchanges?

Focus – we know what we’re good at - the most secure, efficient and competitively priced token for Bullion trading. xBullion only works with appropriately licensed and regulated platforms.

How is xBullion backed by physical commodities?

Each xBullion token is 100% backed by 1 gram of .9999 gold or .999 silver bullion supplied by Baird & Co. The gold and silver is vaulted in geo-dispersed locations and is 100% insured.

What fees are associated with xBullion?

When the xBullion token is transferred on the Ethereum network, xBullion charges an inclusive 19bps fee in GOLD or 50bps in SILV. The Ethereum network will also charge a "gas fee" in Ether (Ethereum's native currency). Exchange partners may choose to charge separate fees.

Are xBullion tokens able to be redeemed for physical bullion?

Yes. xBullion is able to ship physical gold or silver bullion to most major cities through an insured courier service. Subject to minimum redemption quantities.

Do I need to buy a whole token, or can I buy a fraction?

Yes. xBullion tokens are able to be fractionalised to 0.00000001.

Why is xBullion secure?

xBullion was developed to be a best-in-class institutional grade product. Security is provided through audits, insurance, geo-dispersed vaulting providers, world renowned gold supplier partnerships and the application of a decentralised secure network.

Is xBullion audited?

The xBullion smart contracts are comprehensively audited, this can be found under 'More' on our website menu.

As part of our commitment to financial and operational transparency, xBullion has engaged leading accounting firm, BDO, to undertake agreed upon procedures on a quarterly basis.

These procedures include understanding procedures around on boarding of clients and token issuance including agreeing the physical gold holdings per custodian vault statements to the tokens on issue included in management reports.


Agreed-upon procedures do not constitute either a reasonable or limited assurance engagement in accordance with AUASB standards, and consequently no conclusion or assurance in relation to the subject matter is provided.

Why is xBullion so price competitive?

xBullion's supplier is one of the largest refineries and OTC bullion desks in the world.
The innovative fee model, enabled by the blockchain, allows xBullion to provide near wholesale pricing.

What is a decentralised secure network?

A decentralised secure network creates an immutable ledger of transactions that cannot be tampered with or hacked and is held on thousands of computers globally guaranteeing that the registry is continually live. xBullion tokens can be traded globally and instantly on a network that never stops.

Where can I store xBullion tokens?

xBullion tokens are built on the Ethereum network adhering to the ERC20 standard.
Tokens can be sent from exchanges to third party Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallets.

xBullion GOLD

The xBullion price feed always tracks the price of physical Gold and Silver. Individual markets will be subject to market conditions.

xBullion SILV

The xBullion price feed always tracks the price of physical Gold and Silver. Individual markets will be subject to market conditions.