David Lightfoot speaks to Ausbiz about xbullion's best in class gold management solution

In the current climate with the world facing expansionary monetary policies, lockdowns and geopolitical uncertainty during the COVID19 pandemic, gold is thriving more than ever as people flock to the safe haven asset. This demand for the precious metal has come with its difficulties in supply and logistics. However, CEO of xbullion David Lightfoot speaks with Ausbiz reporter Ingrid about xbullion’s best in class gold management and liquidity solution which will make gold ownership accessible, faster and easier

During the interview David explains that there are many elements to look at when buying physical gold bullion. “You need to look at the gold supply – is it from a reputable dealer? What is the investment grade? What is the purity of the gold?” David also reminds us that “you must consider vaulting, logistics, insurance, the buying and selling of the gold and the auditing partners.”

xbullion has built the best in class storage solution by bringing together some of the world’s most reputable institutional partners and suppliers to build it out. xbullion is working with some of the largest Over-The-Counter trading desks, geo-dispersed secure vaulting providers and logistic networks that are able to deliver the bullion in 1kg increments to major cities around the world.

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At xbullion we have built a digital gold solution without sacrificing any of the core tenets that make gold truly great.
ceo David lightfoot

David explains “What really makes xbullion special is the ownership of the asset registry being managed on a decentralised technology solution. That enables users of xbullion gold tokens direct ownership in the underlying gold bullion.”

“By having a trade on a decentralised solution, we are able to settle the gold bullion instantly, globally. We are able to fractionalise gold bullion and gold ownership. This decentralised solution means that is also market and currency agnostic, so it can be settled without the need for a financial intermediary allowing gold to trade in many jurisdictions. xbullion GOLD isn’t tied to one particular exchange or marketplace and it can be sent essentially from one phone to another.”

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