How gold gives you time

If time is money, and money is time, then inflation is stealing and gold prevents the crime.

For most of us, our lives revolve around the very concept of obtaining, maintaining and sustaining wealth. The fruits of our labour are often cultivated and harvested with the simple intent to provide safety and opportunity for those dearest to us. Oftentimes, we lose sight of what truly matters and become distracted by the shiny obsolescence that emanates outwards from the deepest, darkest depths of monetary vanity.

Regardless of stature, standing or experience, the realisation that the most important things in life are those born free of a price tag, comes early. From that moment on, you’re more likely to attempt to surround yourself with people who care and objects you can share, over the immediate, albeit fleeting gratification offered by the majority of highly sought after depreciating assets. 

At some point or another we will all find equilibrium. Our proudest memories will converge with our wildest regrets, and we’ll be left to reminisce over the places we went, the rules we bent and the  faces we met. After all, that will be what truly matters once conscious minds break unconscious binds and the commodity we chase becomes time. 

How then, can we afford ourselves more of this ironically intangible concept. It’s quite the cliché, yet so few appreciate the returns earned with an investment in ‘Time’.

Gold is one such medium offering investors a direct line to millions of years worth of accumulation of time. At the very least it’s the most perfect physical embodiment of time, and the complex processes involved in it’s extraction are still to this day, impossibly tethered to time. One ounce of Gold exhumed from the depths of our most modern mines is arguably subject to the same amount of time, if not more, than that which would be observed by a man with a pan on the banks of a prospective mineralised stream. There’s something about the golden ore that represents everything we’ve come to respect in our society. Beauty, wealth, energy, substance and strength. They are all visible, tangible qualities of every gram of gold and they’re backed by none other than the progression of Time.

Compare this with the characteristics of any self-respecting fiat currency. They’re all backed by debt, or in other words synthetically leveraged time, and their only value is afforded by the promise you’ll be repaid in time. There’s nothing tangible to be received by such forms of currency, except for those of us who might be so inclined to utilise the paper as an incendiary device.

It would also be unwise to ignore the ever-present threat of inflation, forcefully attaching itself to every false representation of time. The exact purpose of inflation (the silent tax) could be argued from all sides, however what remains true, is your savings are getting screwed. For the hardworking members of our society contributing relentlessly to growth and prosperity, it seems almost criminal to have your calloused hands hold cash that is ultimately depreciating in value whenever you decide to save for the future. While it may be easier to turn a blind eye to a seemingly minor percentage point loss of purchasing power, there’s absolutely nothing difficult about an investment in gold. 

Gone are the days when purchasing gold bullion meant exorbitant insurance and storage fees. Thanks to the development of blockchain technology and the evolution of tokenisation, investors are now able to gain exposure to the immutable time (wealth) preserving benefits of gold without the hassle of portability or sleepless nights over security. There will always be justified debate over the best way to hold gold, however one thing is certain. Your savings in fiat currency (dollars) are more vulnerable than ever while any form of savings in gold are guaranteed to protect you and your loved ones wealth for decades to come.

This is purely a recognition of historical proof that gold remains, to this day, the best option amongst only a few assets capable of protecting, preserving and respecting the efforts of labour, knowledge and their subsequent sacrifice of time. Gold is undeniably a representation of time. A pure, condensed product of time and the only financial instrument proven to safely store and conserve recognition of your time.

It’s for this reason that I feel it’s fair to say gold gives you time, and time just like gold, is something none of us should take for granted.

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