Manish Malhotra joins xbullion advisory board


- Manish joins xbullion advisory board

- Bringing a wealth of knowledge in precious metals ecosystems, private wealth and banking 

- Manish specialises in product development, strategy, business development and management consulting.

xbullion is pleased to introduce Manish Malhotra who joins the advisory board, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

Early in his career he worked in the Private Wealth Business with Royal Bank of Scotland in India, the Middle East and Singapore. Later moving to New York to work with the World Gold Council, sponsors for world’s largest gold ETF “GLD” handling global relationships and promoting gold as an asset class. He led several gold initiatives including working with the Central Bank of Turkey for setup of an Istanbul Gold exchange under Bourse Istanbul. 

Manish Malhotra

In India he coined the idea of India having its own gold coin in 2012 and finally led the launch of Gold Monetization bonds, India Gold coin and Gold Deposit scheme in 2015 unveiled to the country by the Hon’ble Prime minister of India.

A qualified finance professional with close to two decades of experience across MNC banks/Asset Managers and Management Consulting firms in India, Middle East, Singapore and New York.

Functionally he specialises in product development, strategy, business development & management consulting in private wealth, investments, debt and equity fund raise and in the precious metals eco system.

Manish is a management graduate from Xaviers Labor Research Institute (XLRI) in India. He has addressed Central Bankers at UC Berkley on “Gold as a Reserve Asset”. Guest Lectured at National University of Singapore and at the Singapore Business Federation. One of his write-ups on “The Price of Gold” presented in 2013 was appreciated and won accolades in Singapore.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to welcome Manish to the xbullion advisory board. Manish’s past work with the World Gold Council, central banks and private wealth will help drive xbullion’s expansion and integration at this important stage of the company’s evolution. With Manish’s highly complementary skills and invaluable experience we very much look forward to growing this company together.
David Lightfoot - CEO

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