What happens when we run out of silver?

It's a pressing question that couldn't be more pertinent in today's society. I'm sure it seems entirely comprehensible that natural, organic silver reserves will inevitably run out, but something tells me that the majority of our world's constituents have very little understanding of just how catastrophic such a scenario could become. 

Firstly, it's worth highlighting just how crucial Silver is to the sustainable technological advancement of our species. 

Without the essential life-force that is Silver, we will undoubtedly find ourselves in a world of trouble. Sadly, that new world is rapidly encroaching on an already extremely constrained economic environment. At current rates, it's estimated that by 2028, the earth will have completely run out of economically mineable silver reserves.

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Now that may seem seriously overwhelming, and in all honesty it should, because at present there are virtually no other known silver reserves and at current prices, the vast majority of remaining silver reserves both above and below ground are economically unfeasible. 

I say above and below ground because Silver is one of only a few precious metals yet to be recycled from electronic waste. Again, this is largely due to the extremely uneconomical extraction costs associated with recycling silver from most industrial/household goods. 

Think mobile phones, PC's, tablets, television screens, microwaves and basically any other whitegood with an on/off switch and you should start to get a perspective of just how much perfectly usable silver is sitting in dumps across the globe. Of course, household tech goods only represent a small portion of Silver's extensive industrial applications, and with the rise in both EV (Electric Vehicle) demand alongside Photovoltaic energy (solar panels) it's almost guaranteed that any remaining silver reserves are teetering precariously on the brink of extinction.

At present, the Photovoltaic industry is the largest consumer of Silver accounting for 98 million ounces annually, while EV batteries are forecast to absorb nearly 90 million ounces annually by 2025. This is also not to mention the countless life-saving medical uses for Silver in its various forms. At this point, we need a solution.

But what can we do? 

Well if the price of Silver remains artificially suppressed so as to afford cheaper consumption and acquisition by  corporations and nameless puppet masters, then I fear that we'll soon have no recourse. 

From where I stand, the only way to solve the problem and tap into hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes of potentially recyclable silver and previously unfeasible ore reserves is with a substantially appreciating Silver price.

Thankfully, it's becoming increasingly likely that spot Silver prices, driven by easily manipulated paper/derivatives dabblers will soon decouple from sub $30 prices and begin a flight to the all-time highs that have evaded Silver sleuths since the early 80's. 

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At present, Silver is trading at less than a fifth of its inflation adjusted 1980 all-time highs, yet we're currently running at a headline inflation rate of nearly 10% (it was 20% in the early 80's) and we all know that's conveniently exempt from food and energy prices, because again, we don't need fuel, gas or food to survive in today's hand fed, globalist nanny state of division and oppression.

So what does this all have to do with rapidly exhausting Silver reserves? 

Well, to put it simply, Silver along with the entirety of the precious metals market must be re-priced. Of course, such drastic change to what was once the backbone of our financial infrastructure would result in numerous significant impacts to the broader financial sector. 

The derivatives market would likely be one of the first to fall as the realisation that perhaps it's no longer sustainable to trade at 250x multiples of physical Silver holdings finally hits home. Again, it all comes down to trust and faith. 

If the people, the consumers and the investors all lose faith in a certain economic system or medium of monetary exchange then it's beyond inevitable that said system's downfall is nigh.  

A Silver lining

If retail and institutional investors finally lose faith in the current Silver derivatives market (by realising that they're paying sizeable spreads, commissions and premiums for exposure to a commodity that doesn't actually exist in their vaults) then it's highly likely that we could see an overhaul of the entire Silver derivatives infrastructure. 

As it stands currently, it's estimated that in a matter of years, retail investors (you and I) will no longer be able to purchase physical Silver as all remaining reserves will have been acquired by the aforementioned puppet masters and conglomerated corporations of tech, banking, finance and insatiable control. 

The outcome of such a scenario would be far-reaching and potentially devastating, however, even those who do manage to acquire scarce bars of solid Silver may still find themselves at risk of confiscation by their adoring, free market loving governments. It doesn't take much for one to reminisce wistfully back to the massive and carefully curated US government overreach in 1933 where President Roosevelt seized all Gold bullion and coins via executive order. At the time, citizens were compensated, albeit well below market price, and by 1934 the confiscated Gold was used to re-birth the US currency under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 that saw the government re-price Gold substantially higher than the year prior. 

Now, if you were a freedom loving citizen of North America and you'd just made it through the peak of the Great Depression, my guess is you'd be feeling pretty damn angry. 

Oh well, what could you do? It's not like you had options to hold your Gold as both physical and cryptographically secured, immutable, digital assets stored in geo-secured vaults across the globe. Nor did you have the capability to transfer said Gold denominated wealth across the world, instantly at near-zero cost. 

Thankfully, with xbullion's GOLD and SILVER tokens, you can now obtain all the benefits of physical Silver and Gold  ownership without the hassle of insurance, security and storage fees. 

All in all, I think it's pretty clear that xbullion's tokenised Silver offering is about as close as one can get to retaining and preserving wealth, time, security and most importantly; sovereignty.

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